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Our Scotland Tour, Part 5- Strathclyde

Day 15

As we started heading south the landscape changed around us, we waved goodbye to the mountains and joined the motorway for the first time in weeks! Surrounded by the unfamiliar sight of buildings, people and traffic, it was clear we were no longer in the highlands.

Although we were missing the scenery already there was still plenty more adventure to be had and we couldn’t wait.

Late afternoon we arrived at our last campsite north of the Scottish border- Strathclyde Country Park, in Glasgow. At a great location for exploring the local areas and close to the main road, it was ideally situated for the things we wanted to do while we were there.

The site itself was very good, the wardens were friendly as always and the disabled shower room was nice and spacious.

We spent the rest of the night relaxing in the evening sun after popping out to the local Asda for some supplies. It literally was “popping out” as the store was only 3 miles away, and we had gotten used to having to drive at least half an hour to the nearest shop!

Day 16

After a much needed sleep we headed out to Falkirk, and our first stop was the Falkirk wheel. This magnificent piece of engineering connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal, lifting the boats from one to the other. We arrived at the perfect time and it sprung into action, a canal boat sailed into the bottom section and the wheel started turning.

We had a lovely wander around and stopped for drinks in the cafe before heading to our next stop, the Kelpies.

Just a short drive away (or a 4 mile walk if you fancy it), sit the two huge horse heads, beautifully sculpted from metal. At 30 meters tall they are the largest equine sculptures in the world!

And with a smooth tarmac path leading from the car park it was a lovely place to go for a Sunday afternoon stroll.

Day 17

Waking up to another gloriously sunny day it was too nice to be leaving Scotland, so we decided to stay an extra night. Making the most of our last day we headed back towards the highlands, and Loch Lomond. We had heard great things about it, so we were looking forward to exploring it more, and on such a perfect day!

Entertaining Stephen with my rendition of “The bonnie banks o’ Loch Lomond” as we made our way up the very scenic A82, the journey flew by (although Stephen might disagree).

At the north end of the Loch we found our first stop- The Falls of Falloch. After parking up we made our way along the short woodland walk, with the sound of rushing water getting closer. Suddenly the trees opened out and the waterfall came into view, you’d never know we were literally just off the main road!

It opened out to a lovely seating area and through the trees was a discreet and very wheelchair accessible walkway, leading to a lookout point giving you fantastic views of the waterfall from above.

I could’ve spent ages here just watching the water flow, but it was time to make a move.

Driving back along the edge of Loch Lomond we were treated again to breathtaking views, and passing a few viewpoints along the way we just couldn’t resist stopping. My personal favourite was a carpark with a little walkway to the edge of the Loch. I just love the way the tunnel frames the picture perfect view.

Unsure where to head next we just got in the car and drove, eventually finding ourselves at a place called Loch Lomond Shores. Getting out to explore, we were pleasantly surprised! There was so much more there than we expected, shops, walks, a beach, aquarium, birds of prey and much more- all surrounded by a stunning landscape!

After wandering around the shops and picking up a couple of little Scottish souvenirs we headed back outside to explore. Strolling down the beach the shallow sand meant that I could get my chair down to the shore for the first time in a very long time!

Sitting on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond, eating ice cream in the late afternoon sun, things couldn’t get much better. It was a perfect end to our fantastic last day in Scotland.

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