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Bailey Pegasus Grande Launch- Big Caravan, Big Adventures!

After having a great time at the launch of the Bailey Phoenix we were thrilled and honoured to receive another invite in the post from Bailey. This time it was to the launch of the brand new Pegasus Grande range. We couldn’t wait to see it!

Arriving at the beautiful Stanton House Hotel at 10am we grabbed a quick coffee and had a catch up with some familiar faces before eagerly heading outside to get our first glimpse of the new Pegasus Grande’s.

They certainly live up to their name as all of the 6 new models are 8ft wide! 4 of which are on twin axles and range from 4 berth to 6 berth. Despite their size they are surprisingly lightweight, meaning they are easy enough to tow but also spacious enough to use as a seasonal/static caravan.

Externally they look sleek and modern and I’m a big fan of the blue/chrome graphics against the polar white bodyshell, along with the signature vertical window at the front.

Although it was great to see them from the outside, the blinds were closed and doors were locked, so we’d have to wait patiently for the Grande reveal after the presentation.

The presentation from Simon Howard (marketing director of Bailey) flew by and before we knew it the new shiny caravans were unlocked and we were free to roam around. It was difficult to choose which one to look in first, but Stephen and I were naturally drawn to the Brindisi because being on a single axle and having a fixed bed, it was the model that would suit us best.

Despite only being a few inches bigger externally, you gain up to 25% more space inside, and it was noticeable!

Even with the bed fully extended there is ample room to get around it. Not only is there more space to move around but the new G-shaped sofa design creates plenty of room to comfortably seat a lot of people and a great space for socialising! I know I’m not exactly the biggest person but this was put to the test when we were joined by a number of caravan experts (and average sized humans).

We got far too comfortable and ended up chatting for a long time before we decided that we should probably have a look around the rest before lunch.

Each one was just as beautiful as the last, the neutral soft furnishings greatly complimented by the dark wood and brushed champagne cupboards.

One of my favourite features is of course the spacious G-shaped lounge. Being a wheelchair user I see this layout as needing minimal adaptions to make it accessible, and with the extra space there would be plenty of room to manoeuvre my chair inside.

I also love the addition of the small sliding table at the front, it’s somewhere to do your work or have a quick snack without having to put up the full sized table. Yet you still have the option if you’re having guests over.

Although there is more space, it’s certainly not wasted. There is tonnes of storage and the new sofa design means that there is room to create a huge 8ft wide, through-boot locker, which is literally big enough to fit a person- and not just a “Karla sized person”!

After admiring the new range it was time for lunch, Bailey certainly know how to throw a good party and we were spoilt for choice with sandwiches and cakes. And we even got party bags!

We loved catching up with everyone and seeing the new caravans, but it was time to head back to our very own (slightly smaller) caravan for more adventures.

We had a Grande day!

4 thoughts on “Bailey Pegasus Grande Launch- Big Caravan, Big Adventures! Leave a comment

  1. I’ve finally got around to reading your blog. I do wished they had an 8ft Unicorn when we bought ours last year. We think the transverse bed in our Cartagena would be better with the extra width. Still can’t have everything! BTW, it was lovely to meet you and Stephen at the NEC. Hope you enjoyed your stay there as much as I did!

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    • What a coincidence, I was just reading your latest blog! The extra width would definitely be helpful with the transverse bed layout, in the Pegasus Grande there was still plenty of room to walk around the edge, even with the bed fully extended.
      It was great to meet you too! We had a fantastic time.


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