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Aaaaanndd Relax!

Since the start of 2019 our caravan has become more than just a leisure vehicle. The majority of our trips this year have consisted of NEC shows, meetings, training workshops and networking events- so it’s been a mobile base for us while we’ve been busy with more “important” things. Don’t get me wrong, we are thrilled that everything has taken off in the way it has, and we love being able to have the caravan as our home from home after a long day of running around the NEC, but we were really looking forward to getting back to using it as what it was intended for- a leisure vehicle. And where better to unwind than at one of our favourite places in the country? Rutland!

We arrived on site early in the afternoon as the springtime sun shone down on us, and were excited to be able to pitch on grass for the first time this year. Not wanting to waste a minute, as soon as we set up the caravan I was outside with a book in hand, ready for our relaxing weekend to commence.

By the activity on the site it was clear that spring had officially arrived, dogs were playing outside while their owners sunbathed next to them, with the smell of barbecues drifting over from another pitch. Stephen enjoyed lounging around in the shade while I enjoyed the feel of the warmth on my skin, so happy for it to finally be t-shirt weather again.

After a wonderful first day of doing absolutely nothing, and being the wanderers that we are, we decided we should probably have a change of scenery and head to Rutland Water for a stroll. There we spent the afternoon walking along the waters edge, enjoying the views across the glistening reservoir on one side and sheep grazing in the fields peppered with daffodils on the other. Up above, the sky was a clear cerulean blue and we looked up at the perfect moment to witness a huge swan gracefully soaring overhead. It really was a sight to behold!

Despite the weather appearing to be a perfect spring day, the breeze by the water was getting cooler as time went on, so after our stroll we decided to head back to the caravan for dinner and a cosy night in.

Once back on site we bundled up inside and instead of writing, sorting out photos and content creating we spent the evening playing card games, listening to music and reading, as the fiery sunset casted a warm red glow around us. Just what caravanning is all about!

Our sunny weekend flew by in a mix of relaxing, enjoying the sun and each others company- but it was time to head home. Waking up to birdsong we wanted to make the most of our last day. So we checked out of the campsite and headed back to Rutland water with the caravan in tow, stopping at Sykes Lane car park for lunch with a view. We pulled up easily and there was plenty of space to park while Stephen enjoyed a sandwich and a coffee and I soaked up the last of the rays, overlooking the sparkly water. We could have happily spent all day there.

It was a perfect end to a wonderfully relaxing weekend, and so lovely to see nature waking up after a cold winter, ready for the warmth ahead. Our caravan may provide the perfect accommodation wherever we need it, but it felt amazing to be enjoying it for leisure again- and it just gets me even more excited for the summer adventures to come!


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Karla x

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  1. Beautifully written Karla, I was almost there with you. I’ll be honest I like nothing better than sittin in or around our caravan and doing nothing

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    • Aww John, you always leave such lovely comments. Thank you so much. It is lovely there, I just wish it was closer to home. We’d be there all the time! I’d definitely recommend you visit.


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