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“Wow, That’s Brilliant!”- Colapz Shower Review

These were our exact words when we came across Colapz at a recent NEC caravan show, where they were displaying their 3-in-1 rechargeable portable shower. We don’t normally write reviews, and have turned down offers in the past for products we don’t believe in, but after trying this out for some time we realised it was something we just had to share! It’s not just a fantastic caravan accessory but could be enormously useful for people with disabilities too.

You might be wondering “What is so great about this shower?”. So let me start by explaining one of the complications a lot of people with disabilities come into when travelling- maintaining personal hygiene.

I can manage fine by using onsite showers but not all campsites have suitable facilities and sometimes we want to visit those more rural locations. Since getting our caravan we’ve been trying to come up with ways to be self sufficient and rely on site facilities as little as possible, but when you have a full head of hair and cleanliness is important to you, that can be difficult.

Aside from using the sites facilities, we’ve tried a number of things; from covering my head in a cloud of dry shampoo, to using an inflatable hair-washing basin and a plastic jug. Neither of which left me feeling satisfyingly clean.

As part of our caravan adaptation we could have opted for a fully accessible wet room, however this would have added thousands to the cost and we knew that we could find a way to manage without, and when we saw this shower we realised the perfect solution was right in front of our eyes!

What is included?

The 3-in-1 shower comes with:

• Shower head

• Trigger head (our personal favourite)

• Jet nozzle

• Hose

• Pump

• Suction hook

• Battery pack (which can be clipped on to the hose when in use)

• Charging cable

This all comes packed neatly in a carry case and can be purchased on its own or as part of a kit, with the additional options of:

• Collapsible bucket/water carrier or durable bucket bag

• Foldable bucket stand

• Drawstring bag to keep everything together

How it works

The 12v battery pack takes 2.5 hours to fully charge then it’s good to go for up to an hour- that’s a long enough shower, even for me! Once assembled you submerge the pump into a water container, we like to use our Colapz bucket but you can use whatever you like, then press the “on” switch and you will hear a subtle whirring sound. Depending on which head you use you will get a constant flow of water until the water source runs out, or until you release the trigger on the trigger nozzle.

How we use it

Laying back on the bed with my head in the hair-washing basin I previously mentioned, I have a towel underneath for safety and the shower pump submerged in a bucket of hot water on the floor. Next to that we have our old Colapz bucket with a drainage hose leading from the basin, to catch the soapy water that drains out.

With a flow rate of 3 litres per minute we find that the shower provides just the right amount of water pressure- enough to feel clean but not so much that it splashes around the inside of the caravan. And far more efficient than the plastic jug we previously used! It sounds complicated but it’s all pretty straightforward and I’m left with a head of freshly washed hair.

It works fantastic as a hair washer but we’ve quickly realised just how many other uses it has. It’s brilliant on muddy wheelchair/bike tyres and can also be used for cleaning your car/caravan, washing windows, cleaning your patio, watering plants and we’ll definitely be using it to bathe our future dog! (Stephen just doesn’t know about that yet).

It isn’t just great for caravanners, but for people with disabilities and able bodied people alike!

Click here to find out more.

8 thoughts on ““Wow, That’s Brilliant!”- Colapz Shower Review Leave a comment

  1. Karla,

    Great review. Especially the (now in my head) picture of a cloud of dry shampoo as a former workaround. 🤣. I feel the urgent need to wash my hair now. 😀

    Looking forward to the future dog and upcoming blogs.

    Would also be happy to read more reviews as this wasn’t only informative but also entertaining.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Jutta! I’m so glad you found it informative and entertaining, I didn’t want to be too serious with it. I’m very much looking forward to our future dog too 😆 I just need to convince Steve first.

      Thanks again,


  2. There are various shower equipment out there but having a great review we might purchase one for the dog and use it at home as we have a fixed shower head!

    Liked by 1 person

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